MetaMakers Ltd

MetaMakers Ltd is an Artificial Intelligence company specialising in Computational Creativity.

The MetaMakers

The MetaMakers

The founders of MetaMakers Ltd have over 20 years of experience researching Computational Creativity across art, literature, games, music and robotics.

Simon Colton


Simon Colton is Professor of Digital Games Technology at Falmouth University and Professor of Computational Creativity at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Prof. Colton is best known for his work on software such as The Painting Fool and The WhatIf Machine, which challenge assumptions about the role of software in creative society.

Rob Saunders


Rob Saunders is Associated Professor in Computational Creativity at Falmouth University and Senior Research Fellow in The Design Lab at Sydney University, Australia. A/Prof. Saunders is best known for his work on the computational modelling of curiosity, the simulation of social creativity, and creative robotics.

Pete Ivey


Pete Ivey is a 20 year veteran of the games industry, with an extensive background in cross-platform game engine development, real-time rendering, performance optimisation and content creation tools. Pete was Lead Render Engineer at Disney Interactive, where he worked on the Disney Infinity 1, 2 and 3, Cars 2 and Toy Story 3 game titles. Prior to that, he worked at Black Rock, Electronic Arts and Microsoft Games. Pete is a compulsive optimisation junky who enjoys the simple things in life.

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