Wevva for Schools

Use Wevva in the classroom to engage and inspire your students through game design.

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Wevva for Schools

Wevva for Schools is an out-of-the-box videogame design course for late primary and secondary schools. Wevva for Schools offers the opportunity for pupils with artistic and/or scientific interests to get into the world of videogame design, and learn about important concepts from physics, computing, art and sound design. Making games with Wevva is incredibly easy: pupils simply make choices with buttons and sliders, directly on an iPad or iPhone—no programming required.

This ease of use allows pupils to concentrate on learning through creating & playing, rather than getting derailed by the details of programming languages or graphic design tools. Wevva for Schools introduces pupils to the key technical aspects of game design such as responding to player interactions, game mechanics, physics simulation, and key artistic aspects, such as colour theory, character modelling, narrative and sound design.

The learning materials in the course can be used in after-school clubs, homework assignments or as part of lesson plans for topics ranging from programming to painting. Wevva for Schools provides a gateway for pupils to get into creative computing and to think about careers in the creative industries. Wevva is also an empowering technology, which exposes children to cutting edge concepts, such as Artificial Intelligence.

Classroom in a Box

Wevva for Schools provides teaching guides and student workbooks for using Wevva in the classroom

No Code Required

Wevva for Schools allows students to quickly gain confidence and focus on design challenges

More Than Games

Additional assets available exclusively with Wevva for Schools support topics beyond game design

Track Progress

Wevva for Schools provides the tools you need to track the progress of students through the workbook exercises

Become a partner school

As we put the final touches to Wevva for Schools we are looking for partner schools. You will have the opportunity to shape the design of Wevva for Schools to fit your needs and access pre-release materials.